Disney Disaster

Disney is a pretty big part of my life–especially the Disney movies from my childhood.  I sing the classics in my head and to Gabriel on a pretty regular basis (he especially enjoys my super sexy raspy voiced rendition of The Little Mermaid’s “Kiss the Girl”). I even named my dog Nala after the lioness in the Lion King.  So when Gabriel mentioned to me at one point that he went to Disney World once and that he thought it sucked, I almost broke up with him right then and there.


But since I’m such a nice girlfriend, I decided to give him a chance to change his mind. 🙂


It was perfect to put Disney World at the end of this trip because Orlando was on the way home from our time in the Caribbean.   While we were in planning mode I did a lot of research trying to find the best time to visit the theme parks.  After spending several hours looking through different sites and their predictions of crowd levels, I was confident that I had picked out the best possible week for us.  According to all the graphs, there was only one other week in the whole year that would be less crowded.  So obviously I assumed the parks would be close to empty and that Gabriel and I would be free to casually frolic throughout the world of Disney with no lines and no crowds, like so:




This was not the case.

We arrived in Orlando on Sunday afternoon and decided to spend the evening at Epcot, which has a few cool rides and some really great restaurants.

The place was PACKED!  Like, stupid crowded.  WTF?  I was pretty annoyed, but decided that since it was Sunday, I could chalk it up to the weekend crowd and figured everyone would be leaving either late that night or early the next morning.  No worries.

Wrong again.

The next day we went to Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.  It was even more crowded.


So.  Pissed.  Off.


It’s very important to me that Gabriel have a GREAT time.  Anything less than great will not suffice.  Unfortunately all these people are RUINING it!!!  I mean, it’s so crowded you can barely walk.  What the f*** are all these people doing here!?!?  What are all these KIDS doing here??   Shouldn’t they be in school?  I think it’s totally irresponsible to take your child out of school so they can have fun.  Especially when they are ruining MY fun!

Ultimately, we had a really good time together and I’ve decided that Gabriel and I don’t need to break up.  He was such a good sport.  He even let me dress him up in Mickey ears and as a princess!



Gabriel’s Comment: Despite Julia’s protestations of outrage, every Disney employee–sorry, “cast member”–we talked to confirmed the fact that the place was as empty as it ever gets. Also, I have absolutely no idea who that guy is with the princess hat. Although clearly purple suits me.