Oops, I Drugged My Boyfriend

We had only been at sea for about 4 hours when Gabriel turned to me with blood shot eyes and a slight green tinge in his complexion, mumbling about not feeling so great. His head was slowly bobbing back and forth to the gentle rocking of the ship.

Knowing his obvious seasickness would only get much worse before it got better I immediately jumped out of bed and grabbed the Dramamine for him.  He was a little resistant to taking it (because he has a penis and is very proud about it); however,  I’m a firm believer in not suffering so I insisted he take some.  Also, his face was turning greener by the second and he looked beyond miserable.

We agreed on half a dose, what a 12 year old or younger would take.  Within 45 seconds he was unconscious, lying diagonally across the bed on top of the covers.  About 30 minutes later I was ready to go to bed and very much not looking forward to the task of having to move Gabriel while he was asleep.  He gets very grumpy.  Even the slightest poke on the shoulder can result in a loud groan and looks of utter aggravation.  When I finally mustered up the courage to give him a gentle nudge, he gave out the usual groan and then followed it with about 30 seconds of complete gibberish.

The next morning I woke up before Gabriel.  This was a total shock, as I don’t think this has ever happened.  It actually took him a full hour to get completely out of bed.   Three separate times he made an attempt at getting up, raising his head and one arm in the air, groaning loudly and pathetically, and then plopping back down and sleeping for another 30 minutes or so.  It was about this time when I realized “good god, I’ve drugged my boyfriend.”

P1080008 P1080012P1080016

Thankfully, he did eventually make it to breakfast, and after about 2 cups of coffee was finally able to speak in complete sentences.

Gabriel’s Comments: Never taking that evil white pill again! Clearly, they need to add “speaking in tongues” to the litany of Dramamine side effects. And for the record, my attempts at waking up were herculean, given that I’d been heavily drugged and sedated. Thank God I was able through sheer force of will to drag myself to the coffee pot for the antidote.

3 thoughts on “Oops, I Drugged My Boyfriend

  1. You two are the best! Makes me really, really, really want to travel, but what’s the word I’m looking for… Oh yes, “smooth sailing’ that’s the word I’m looking for.

  2. Gabriel, as soon as I read Julia’s comment, that she woke up before you, I immediately thought this story to be just a well weaved exaggeration. . Then, I saw the photos and to my shock, I noticed that Julia left the other half of the striped pill by the port hole window! My god man, your lucky to be alive !

    • Hahaha, indeed! That pill is a monster! Even in my drug-induced morning coma state I was as stunned as you are to see Julia up and about before me.

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