No Naps Allowed!

I’m rather partial to fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping vacations to the edge of the world; Julia on the other hand prefers the peace and tranquility of warm, idyllic settings.

Which is why on this trip I’m doing the “roughing it” part first with my brother, then meeting up with Julia for a more leisurely tropical R&R later. A brilliant plan.

So today I mentioned in an email that Pascal and I took a power nap in between rounds of exploring the city, still reeling from a rough red-eye flight that had us landing in Guyana at 7am, hungry and exhausted.

Julia emailed back with the following tongue-in-cheek response: “I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous about all this ‘napping’ and sitting around.  You are supposed to be going balls to wall playing Indiana Jones now! Trekking off the beaten path, mildly suffering in poverty stricken areas with gross local mystery meat foods, painful mattresses, 72 hour bus rides sitting next to a crate of chickens, waking up at 5 am for an all day tour, and basically doing a bunch of other Indiana Jones type stuff. That way you are all tuckered out by the time you meet up with me and will be ready to have a fantastic, leisurely, adult trip.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I like to play Indiana Jones too (because obviously, I’m a crazy badass) which is exactly why we will be going on the Indiana Jones ride at Disney World!  So STOP taking naps!!!  You better be exhausted by the time I see you. ;)”

Gabriel: Pfffft, no worries there. Tomorrow we’re waking up at 3:45am to take an all-day series of buses through lands unknown. So there!

Julia: Ohh please! Over the past two days, I have heard of at least 3 naps and a 6 pm bedtime curfew.

Gabriel: Those were manly power naps!!

3 thoughts on “No Naps Allowed!

  1. While you guys are lolly gagging around, Julia and I power walked at least a mile yesterday at CLT so we wouldn’t miss our flight connection! Then, we walked many miles sightseeing the entire Atlantis resort – mega-water slides, Predator Tunnel (we braved viewing a humongous saw-tooth shark), smoke-filled casino – before collapsing from exhaustion at 7PM (really 6PM Central)…….you should have come with us for a REAL workout……and those water slides are in an EXACT replica of a Mayan pyramid (very authentic).

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